Be great!

It is just as easy to talk yourself out of greatness then it is to talk yourself into it.

Become aware of the voice in your head and what it is telling you.                                                            

Is it saying things like:

  • I am not as good as everyone else in my class
  • Every time I jump bigger then 90cm my horse refuses and I fall off
  • The judge is going to think I am not good enough to compete at this level
  • Everyone who is watching is going to laugh when I make a mistake
  • I am going to forget the dressage test or work out
  • I am going to ruin my horse if I keep riding it

If this is what you are saying to yourself make sure you send this voice packing and exchange it with a different on like:

  • I am just as good as everyone else here
  • 90 cm is still a bit big for me so I keep practising over 80cm because I know that I can jump that really well and in no time I am just as confident over 90cm
  • I am going to show the judge that I deserve to be in this class
  • No one who is watching is going to remember if I make a mistake
  • I can remember my dressage test
  • I need help to educate my horse and …… just the right person to help me with it.

Changing your thoughts takes awareness and willingness to do something different.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking something negative:



AND REPHRASE until it becomes a habit.