"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I have found the info Tanja has shared. I signed on last Christmas and whilst I haven’t fully followed the month by month coaching I have used the resources available and found them profound. It’s been a transitional year for me and I have changed disciplines from endurance to Cowboy Dressage. Tanja wise words have helped me find my way but more importantly transformed my riding today I cried. For 50 years I have ridden and loved horses and I changed my mindset from riding to focusing on myself and how my body was the problem I started tweaking pieces of me and my horse went from crooked to straight, stuck to forward, dropping in to curved, and grumpy to sweet. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou." Tara N., Rider


"The Tanja Mitton Mindset Masterclass was so informative and had many Ah-ha moments. It was a most valuable resource and will definitely enhance my coaching." Lucy Choveaux, Coach


"I found this course invaluable. As a coach it has given me some brilliant tools & knowledge to help my riders become more confident. The course addressed very relevant topics applicable to a wide range of riders. As a bonus it also gave me the opportunity to work on myself as a rider & coach. The more we work on ourselves the better we can understand & help others! Thank you, I really enjoyed it & look forward to participating in more of your courses." Char Jones, Coach


"I found this course very informative. It gave me new ideas and confidence when I am coaching individuals and teams. We are so lucky to have a coach like Tanja that is willing to pass on so much of her knowledge to others no matter what level they are coaching or riding. I have now attended 3 sessions of Tanja’s and have come away feeling more confident each time and wanting to tell others what I have learnt. I am looking forward to attending many more sessions. Keep up your wonderful work Tanja." Lisa Pilgrim, Coach


"At the age of 58 my early years as a novice adult rider were not pleasant. I knew nothing except to sit on a horse and hope he does what you want him to do.  Mindset, seating position, connection, communication etc etc. I was completely oblivious to any of these things. With frustration running high in both my horse and myself, I was directed to a lovely lady by the name of Fran Griffin (Hunter Natural Horsemanship Centre). From this meeting I was introduced to, and attended several workshops with Tanja Mitton. Tanja showed me how to put your bad experiences behind you and concentrate on the good things. My seating position has much improved, and I still hear Tanja’s voice guiding me to sit correctly. My horse and I finally riding collectively, not against each other, a powerful and wonderful experience a rider and horse can achieve together with the right people and the right support, advice and direction. Mindset is a powerful thing. Thanks Tanja, you’re amazing and you are always with me when I’m riding." Sandra Briggs


"The seminars ran by Tanja were highly informative and engaging.  They provided, we as coaches, the tools to better understand our riders and help them to their fuller potential.  They also helped to reinforce for me what I am doing out in the field is appropriate and relevant." Paul Seuren, Coach


"I have just completed Tanja’s mindset coach’s webinar and must say I did it originally for my coaching/students but found out that there was some pearls of knowledge that I could apply to myself and my own competition riding.   I would highly recommend any coach or rider doing this or other webinars offered by Tanja as they are highly educational and practical." Robyne Smith, FEI Rider Gwandalan Stables


"I highly recommend Tanja’s coaches webinar to any coach as the teaching information and how to deliver this to our students is extremely helpful not only in the equine industry but throughout our daily lives. Who doesn’t want to be the best person/coach they can be. Tanja’s approach is very clear and makes sense with the way she explained the information verbally and through power point. I am grateful for Tanja giving us the opportunity to have input during the webinar and to be able to ask questions. I was interested in listening to other coaches share their stories and experiences." Sandy Palmer, Coach


"The content of Tanja’s coaching course is what’s missing in my experience of coach training! Learning about these subjects gives me much more confidence in how I relate to help my Students." Trish Braithwaite, Coach


"I have been fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Tanja through the National Elite Squad program. It has been an enlightening and very beneficial development, helping me to look at all aspects of the sport from different angles. Working on problem solving and communication skills thru stressful competition times as well as post competition. The experience has been one of growth and professionalism, broadening my depth of understanding of myself and the people around me in my work and personal life.
I am very grateful for the opportunity and the benefits that have come with it." Maree Tomkinson, Member of the High Performance Elite Dressage Squad and Member of the Australian World Equestrian Dressage Team 2015


After years of trail riding, I thought I was quite a good rider. I decided to join an adult riders club to ride better and do more where I was encouraged to “upgrade” my horse. That was the beginning of a tortuous 10 year roller coaster ride dotted with the odd success and many unpleasant experiences. Boy was I gullible.
I moved onto a few “better” horses, none of which I was comfortable with and met lots of riding instructors. I’m not sure what I learned! I became increasingly more nervous, even terrified, unconvinced about my own capability as a rider and despairing of ever achieving my dreams and ever decreasing goals. When I was at the point of giving up, a friend suggested that I go along to a Tanja Mitton mindset clinic. At the time, I didn’t even have a horse, but intrigued and not yet ready to give up my dream, I went anyway. Then I went again, and again and signed up to personal mindset coaching. Things changed.
Tanja restored my faith in equine coaching, in horses and in my own abilities.  I will always be enormously grateful to Tanja for her honesty, integrity, respectful communication and canny ability to meet me where I was at.  Her skill in teaching riding position and gently introducing lots of mental skills to tap into in a range of circumstances made all the difference. I learned so much from her. Most of all, I am grateful that through her approach I now believe in myself and my unicorn who she helped me find.” Diana Brown

"Tanja, the help you gave me in preparation for and during Adelaide International 3 Day Event was invaluable. On such short notice you went out of your way to accommodate, fitting in numerous phone calls to help my horse and I achieve our very best. The strategies you taught me, fashioning them so they were a perfect fit for the way I think and learn, saved me in numerous situations that would have otherwise turned stressful. I cannot believe how much I learned from you only over the phone, I am sure my horses are very thankful as well. I look forward to meeting you in the future! Thank you so much."                                                                      Daisy - May Denny, Event Rider


"I did my first clinic with Tanja Mitton after a run of fairly unpleasant experiences with coaches at clinics. She was a breath of fresh air. She added a missing link with a position problem that I had struggled with for my whole career. Other coaches shrugged when I mentioned the issue and left me to keep floundering. She helped me understand my relationship with my horse and change it for the better. She also helped me with my pupils and recommended me to other students. I have done numerous clinics with Tanja. I recommend that all my students do the Tanja Clinics and those that do so, receive major benefits in their progress. Tanja challenges the more experienced riders by helping them to address their mental and physical blockages and not all riders are happy with that. Her philosophy of mental and physical development is empowering to those who embrace it. Personally I have total faith and trust in Tanja and would whole heartedly recommend that you do yourself a favour and book into a lesson or a clinic- SOON " Caroline Coleby, Level 2 Dressage and General Coach, A Level Judge                                                                                                                                                                                                    


"Tanja has been a wonderful help to me both on and off the horse. Good systems with a really positive approach to problem solving. If you have a chance to train and analyse with Tanja, do it!!" David Shoobridge, Member of the High Performance Dressage Squad



"Tanja has been of great benefit to me as a coach and as a rider. I have valued her expertise and the lessons have improved both, the horse and myself enormously.Jamie Murray, Show Jumping Coach


"I have known Tanja for many years and her ability to inspire people to reach their goals is second to none. I personally have gained tremendous personal growth while working with Tanja and I am now living my dream".
Liz Roos, Classical Dressage Coach in Germany


"I have seen Tanja’s unique gifts make incredible changes to riders who had tried many other approaches and were still completely blocked. I believe that Tanja’s incredible experience, talent and genuinely caring personal approach can produce magic results helping any rider to break through their barriers to achieve their riding goals."
Dr. Louise Mahler, 
Confident Leadership, Body-language and Voice expert, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Media Commentator 


"It was approx. 18mth ago that I decided to to take the plunge and discover what " all the fuss, was about this Tanja Mitton", I attended a seminar firstly and was impressed with the content, honesty and knowledge behind the night.  I then decided many of my clients could benefit from the mindset coaching and the knowledge and personality of Tanja plus myself to a naive degree.  At the time of the first clinic I was personally going through some work, professional and family issues.  Within 5 min of talking to Tanja she had summed me up and the small, first world problems I was facing. I found this confronting on many fronts, 1. I thought I was very good at hiding my issues, 2. that someone who I had never met before was talking to me as a friend but also with respect and great empathy. 3. oh my god I am a GP rider with many ribbons and accolades and oh I have sooo much to learn. ( I think I only got to trot for a few minutes).
I have continued on with my journey with Tanja and my other coaches and feel I have become a better rider, coach and person due to my experiences and lessons with Tanja.  Many aspects in my personal riding and mindset and as a trainer have improved due to her.
I can not speak highly enough of Tanja in improving all aspects of riding, whether it be as a pleasure rider, PC rider or rider with international or national, state goals.  To top it off, the welfare of the horse is the most  important aspect in our riding and partnership with the horse and without saying this so much, Tanja's teaching is all about this.
Tanja is an asset to any professional or pleasure rider and I am so thrilled she has asked me to write a testimonial.
I only hope what I have written conveys my total respect and admiration in her work and enthusiasm of her students and the horse welfare."
Lydia Jackson
NCAS level 3 Dressage Specialist
NCAS level 2 General Coach
NCAS coach Educator
GP Dressage Rider and Trainer and coach.
Dual Rep on Australian YR Trans Tasman Eventing Teams
Member or National B Squad Eventing for Athens Olympics
NSWIS Eventing
Member of National Futures Squad Dressage on three horses.