Australia's number 1 equestrian success and mindset coach

Do you lack confidence in your ability as a rider?”

“Do you have big dreams yet struggle to achieve them?”

“Have you had a bad experience that is still holding you back?”

Most riders can get stuck in their limiting beliefs, creating self sabotage patterns they are not even aware of and this can lead to frustration, loss of confidence and disillusion.

Riding is like any other sport, 20% practical skill and 80% mindset. Most riders get stuck trying to improve their riding without addressing their own issues first only to find that they go around in circles, repeating their old patterns.

Mindset Coaching is the key to your success.

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Is your riding posture holding you back?

So many riders struggle with their riding position and not enough instructors are trained to really understand the rider biomechanics.

One of the most common feedbacks I get after working with riders is:

“Why hasn’t someone else picked this up before,”


“If I would have learned this 10 years ago it would have made such a big difference.”

This is why I have specialised in rider posture and horse foundation training to teach riders how to correctly influence their horses in a way that they can understand.

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2017-02-27 8am

  I will be in Tasmania for private lessons from the 15th-25th January 2018 The places I visit are: TEC-Hobart, Kingston , JLS Equestrian in Elliott, Westbury. For more information ...