[ONLINE COURSE] Be The Rider You Were Born To Be!

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If your limiting thoughts are holding you back from enjoying your riding then this course is for you. From identifying negative thoughts to overcoming limiting beliefs, this course will help you achieve your goals and get you to where you want to be.

Over the 14+ years where I have helped my two-day clinics, I have learned one thing...

It’s not the ability that holds most riders back, it is their limited thinking!

So this course will help you to address your thoughts, your internal self-talk, and the way you see yourself, to help you overcome these hurdles.

Why? Because you deserve better.

You deserve to be the rider you were meant to be. And more so, you deserve to have the life you were meant to have.

This course has 45 lessons and over 3 hours of video content. You can complete the course in your own time and have access to the course for a full 12 months.

I am passionate to help riders overcome their mindset issues. But I am even more passionate to help people overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can unfold their true potential and can become whoever they were meant to be.

PLEASE NOTE: This online course is hosted on a course specific website called Thinkific. Once you order your course here you will receive 2 emails. One with your order confirmation from Tanja Mitton and a second email from Thinkific with a link to set up your password and enrol in your course. Thankyou. 

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