Seven Steps to the Mindset of an Equestrian Champion


What if you could discover the secret to throwing your 'what if's' out once and for all? 

Let me share a secret weapon that will change your riding forever!

The secret is to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD!
  • Instead of beating yourself up, become your own best friend.
  • Rather than focusing on all the things you don’t achieve, start to remember what you have already achieved!
  • ​Don’t buy into the stories your head tells you but instead listen to the dreams your heart creates.
Getting out of your head is easier than you think when you know the steps around how to do it
I have dedicated my life to being my own inner student. Studying myself, appreciating the lessons from mistakes. 
I have had the horses that helped me along the way, to stay motivated and determined.


"The book describes Tanja's own journey as a rider and trainer, working with the world's best and uses her story to illustrate. The steps and process, will take you to where you want to be as a rider."

This book is a combination of inspirational story-telling, with practical, task-specific techniques and exercises, designed to reshape and improve the mindset of all recreational and competition riders.

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