'First Step' - FREE 15min Mindset Coaching Phone Session

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Here at Tanja Mitton Coaching I 'untangle' the habits that have built up in your mind, your body and your horse that ultimately ends up affecting your joy of riding.

These habits can manifest in the rider's position or the rider's mindset. These habits may lead to frustrations, disappointments and lower performance versus expectations for both the rider - and the horse.

These habits can be so subtle that they are created and manifested over years and you have no idea you are even doing them. Your horse, being your faithful companion, will then try and compensate for these small changes in order to please you. This creates a feedback loop between you both that perpetuates the habit and can even create new (unhelpful) habits.

When you both try and make corrections, you both become so 'tangled' that you don't even know what is working anymore or where to start. The feeling of being unbalanced or tense creeps in and your joy of riding dwindles. Sound familiar?

Most highly successful people in the world have a coach. Likely they have more than one! It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help but a show of strength in wanting to improve and understand.

When we have the privilege of riding a horse and connecting with them we do so physically and mentally so it makes sense that rider position coaching and mindset coaching go hand in hand.

Rider position and mindset coaching can be worked on separately or simultaneously. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in riding come when you are not even sitting on your horse!

The best thing about my coaching is that you can do it in person or anywhere in the world via phone or videolink including virtual riding lessons!

I am more than happy to offer you my 'First Step' 15min Mindset Coaching Phone Session FREE to find out if I can help you. We can both get a sense of what it is like to work on mindset together.
Book on the calendar here for a FREE consultation with me. We'll talk about your challenges and discuss a coaching plan. You will not be charged for this product.

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