Video process can be time consuming! 

As the video content we ask for is around 15 min worth of footage, this does create a rather large file to upload. 

Just like horse riding, it takes a bit of patience as practice. Have a play around and give yourself plenty of time (I am literally talking days) between recording and submitting. It can be an art, but with the right information and tips, you will be sailing though video upload 101 in no time. 

Once you have completed your video, you can upload it in to the file link provided right here.


Most smart phones are preferred method of filming. You don't need anything fancy to film! Lean your phone on a fence rail, sit it on a tyre on the ground, bribe someone to come film for you -  Just make sure what you capture is on landscape position (sideward) 

Some people who are regularly filming are sourcing more sophisticated filming tools like tripods and motion sensitive, robotic gadgets such as Pivo and Pixio. This is definitely NOT a necessity - But if you find yourself a regular filming buff, it might be worth adding this to your Xmas Wishlist !

You can cut and shut (crop / edit) your entire video into condensed content, utilising the smart phones video editing apps - Imovie for iPhone (watch the how to tutorial video here) VivaVideo for Android phones. ( Watch the how to tutorial video here).

Otherwise run a full length and we will brush through the not so important parts during class.



Uploading recorded files with over 15 min of viewing is a mega large file. It can take quite a lot of time and a lot of data. Do you have ample data supply? Can you source wifi?

The best tip I can give, is to set your phone screen off from snooze after several minutes, so it wont go to sleep while the film is uploading.  I am certain you will find a youth or teen support person for this task! Your upload will slowly, but surely complete.

There is plenty of helpful videos out there, to help us video - Just take your time, breathe and lean in to the discomfort of new learnings. 

You will be fluent before you know it!