From Pony Club to the Olympics - What's in between?


Well, as I am sure you can appreciate, this is not an easy topic neither it is a quick step. What I am aiming at here is for riders, and parents, to get an insight of the important steps that separate those who make it and those you keep dreaming. 

Olympic Dream

There are a lot of kids who have Olympic aspirations and to be honest, it’s a bit of a romantic dream. It always sounds so good, but I am sure you can understand that there are a lot of sweat and tears involved and very few romantic moments.

However, there are an abundance of different steps, paths, choices and experiences in between that make every horse journey unique and memorable.

In this segment, we will go through the steps from Pony Club to Olympic Equestrian and all the steps in between. We will talk to some Olympic riders to hear from the ‘horse’s mouth’ what their experience was like.


The beginning of a dream