Developing riding confidence

I find a great confidence booster is when we can look back and see how far we have come.

So many riders keep looking forward to where they want to go but often forget to acknowledge how far they have come already.

Every rider, and every person for that matter, should take stock from time to time and reflect on your progress.

There is a very effective exercise you can do that for yourself.


“Remember back to a time when you first started to ride…the really early days, on a lead rein or just learning to trot…

Do you remember that?

Now, imagine that you would have known a rider who is riding like you are riding now…

With your experience, having learned what you know now, and having had the success you have had, what would the young version of you have thought of that rider?”

Most likely the younger you would have admired and looked up to the current you.

What I am getting at is that you are the rider now that once upon a time you looked up to.

You wished to be the rider you have become.

So, look at yourself not through your own eyes now, but through the eyes of the younger you, and then you will be able to really embrace how far you have come already. 

Happy riding everyone!