Everything you need to know about eventing

Fasten your seatbelts....it's eventing time!

Ok, I know it sounds scary but if you set the kids up right they will be fine and I will love it.

On this page we will give you all the information on what eventing is all about plus lots of tips on how to be safe and prepare so it can be fun. Even for the parent who is watching :) 



Ok, ready to compete??

Top 10 tips for Eventing Competitions

  1. When packing your tack remember to add spare gear like an extra whip, 2nd pair of jump boots, extra head collar and lead rope, spare set of stirrups and leathers to avoid panic if something gets lost or broken.
  2. Arrive early to get a good spot and give yourself and your horse time to settle into the new venue.
  3. Feed your horse at leased 2 hours before your first class to give them time to eat and digest the food.
  4. Think about how long you need to warm up before your each round. Each faze is different and you need to consider that. After the initial dressage warm up and test you might not need as much time to prepare for show jumping and cross country. Put together a time table that you can follow throughout the event.
  5. When walking your show jumping course, plan how you are going to approach your first fence (line to the fence) and therefore where you need to pick up your first canter. When walking your cross country course plan your lines that you will take between each fence and use markers to help remember. Make sure you use markers that don’t move, a tree instead of a car for example.
  6. Always imagine an extra fence after the finish line to make sure you don’t “switch off” coming into your last fence.
  7. Visualise your dressage test and jumping rounds before you get on your horse. If you “see” yourself having a problem, continue to visualise until you see yourself getting it right.
  8. In the warm up for the dressage focus on relaxation and softness. Follow your pre trained warm up routine so you do the best preparation for your horse. In the jumping fazes, focus on the canter to make sure your horse has enough impulsion to jump the height of your course and keep the jumping simple to build on your confidence. This is not the place to try something new or jump extra heights
  9. Use affirmations to calm your nerves before entering the arena, like:
  • Cross country is fun
  • I have jumped this height before
  • I always remember my dressage test
  1. And finally have fun.

starting eventing 

Remember that you are still learning and making mistakes is the best way to improve. After every round ask yourself:

  • What was good about the event?
  • What do I need to work on? 
  • What have I already improved on?