Keeping kids motivated

Many riders and trainers reach the point where they ask themselves “Why do I do what I do?” and “Am I good enough to keep going or should I give up?”

We all go through highs and lows, sometimes more one than the other.
It’s not that we stop loving what we do, it’s just that sometimes things can get
hard and that’s when most people ask themselves these questions.

I find something that helps me personally, when I go through a bit of a tough
time, is that I remind myself of my purpose. My purpose is what keeps me going.

I have found that a lot of people are not aware of their purpose and that’s why I
want to talk about it here. Imagine if you could help your kids to find their
purpose early on in life. What a great advantage that would be.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to
making things better.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

This is a beautiful quote and I would like you to think about in what way you can
contribute that will make things better for others. If you take this quote to heart as a parent, you will be able to not only teach your kids, you will be able to show them how it is done.

Keeping kids motivated

Well to begin with there are our families. Be there for one another and take time
for each other even on those days when everyone is busy. A little smile, a big hug
and a soft “I love you” help to make things better for everyone. As parents we are
role models for our kids, the way we treat others shows them how to treat

Our horses. We can contribute to the welfare of our horses by educating
ourselves in any way possible to be able to take better care of them. Being the
best rider we can be also means that we keep our horses fit and healthy. We
know how much better we feel when we have had a great ride and I am sure our
horses feel the same. Teach your kids that there is more to riding than getting on
and galloping off. Their welfare is our responsibility. The toughest lessons are
the most valuable ones

  • Putting the horse first when there are signs of pain even if that means that we miss out
  • Being a good sportsman and treating the horse as our best friend even when we have had a disagreement.
  • Showing commitment when the horse is injured, by making the time to check on them regularly.

Our riding community. Everyone can make a contribution by being encouraging
and helpful to others. There are so many riders who struggle from time to time
because they doubt themselves or they feel lost and alone. This happens with
kids as well as adults. We can contribute to their life’s by being a good friend
even if we don’t know them.

Remind your kids that other riders have problems too. The kid who rides a
$40,000 horse has just as many problems as the child who rides a little scruffy
pony. Never judge.

And most of all yourself. Encourage your kids to be themselves, thriving and
doing the things they love and achieving their absolute potential.
Being kind and considerate to others even if they don’t always get it back. That
will inspire other kids around them to do the same. It is nice to do things for
other people as it is important to look after ourselves as well.
Understanding and kindness are the most important contributors to making the
(equestrian) world a better place.

When kids have learned to have compassion instead of judgement, they have
found themselves instead of reacting to their environment. When we are helping
other people we feel better for it. Competition can often bring our jealousy but it
can also teach us camaraderie.

When we find the connection with others we also find the way to ourselves. It is
only then that we can develop our purpose by which we can live our life by.

My purpose is to inspire people
by using horses as a feedback model
for personal awareness and development,
so as to allow people to realise their purpose
and with that develop compassion for each other.

  • This is enough to get me up in the morning and gives me the energy and drive to do what I do, even when I am tired and feel like staying in bed.
  • It gets me going when everything seems too hard and I want to give up
  • It makes me smile on the rainy and dreary days

So ask yourself WHY do you do what you do?

Happy riding everyone!