It Takes Two to Tango


Based on personal experiences as an equestrian success and mindset coach, Tanja offers a valuable self-development tool in It Takes Two to Tango.

This book empowers riders to take control and ownership of their riding, and will assist in creating a solid training foundation on which to build.

For the love of your horse - make it your mission to keep growing and learning to become not only an effective rider but an understanding rider.

 "That is the reason why I have written my book 
 ‘It Takes Two To Tango’.  

It doesn’t talk about movements, patterns, and exercises, it teaches you how your body influences the horse’s body."  ~ Tanja

The book will cover topics such as:
  • Why your horse's movements are restricted
  • Why your horse is blocking through the back
  • Why your horse is tense and anxious
You will learn:
  • How to free up your horses movements by opening your thighs
  • How to lift your horses back by softening your butt cheeks
  • How to develop relaxation by changing your breathing



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