Where to next?

Where to next?

The kids are upgrading to the next pony or at least starting to talk about wanting to jump bigger or getting to the next level where good old 'Billy' can’t take them. And you might ask yourself 'What do I do now?'. I thought buying one pony was enough to keep the kids happy and now there is going to be another one….is this ever going to stop????

The answer is NO. Sorry.

for the love of horses

But there is an upside, it will get easier as you get more into it all. Oh yes, did someone mention to you in the beginning that all you needed to do is turn up with a cup of coffee to the riding lesson, enjoy an hour in the sun, while putting your feet up and watching the kids have fun?

They lied, sorry again.

But don’t worry, this is why you are here, and we will help you make the whole process easier. Understanding what horse/pony you need, how to find one, what the kids should be striving for and how to get there and the general do’s and don'ts along the way.

well done

Think back to the very first day you were introduced to horses and then look at how much you have learned already. I think you should take a moment and pat yourself on the back with acknowledgement of how much you have learned. Not only your child but you have also come a long way.

Well done you xx