Mindset 101 - Tip 1

Mindset 101

Tip 1

Enjoying your horse/pony time

For kids, as well as us adults, riding must be enjoyable.

When we start riding, there is so much we have to learn and it can quickly become a difficult and emotional roller coaster particularly when we start comparing ourselves to others.

Kids do this a lot.

  • “Is my pony as good as someone else’s?”
  • “Do I ride as well as the other kids?”
  • “Why can’t I jump as big as my friends?”
  • “My pony doesn’t put its head down and that means that I am not a good rider.”
  • “I have never been to a competition.”

If we compare ourselves with others we will always find reasons why we are not as good as someone else.

As parents, friends and partners we need to be careful as well that we don’t compare. Even if it is not meant as a negative it can be easily interpreted as that.

I see parents push their kids all the time and I know that each and every one of them means well.

As parents we want our kids to grow and to be happy.

As friends we want our friends to do well.

We might think that they will be happier when they are achieving but some riders don’t value achievements as much as we do - which can also be a good thing!

So, my tip to you is, measure your child’s (and your own) achievements by smiles, sighs and sparkling eyes.


Remind yourself that riding is predominantly about connecting with your horse. Achievements can be measured in so many ways other than how the horse is going and how fast the rider is progressing.

Happy riding everyone!