Riding in front of others

Riding in front of other people can bring up a lot of stuff for ourselves.

Are you worried about what others think.

This is something a lot of riders struggle with and I want to have a closer look at some things you can do to deal with this issue.

There is a nice quote to this topic:

“What other people think of you is none of your business.” -Regina Brett

This quote has been used by many others and it always refers back to the same thing; you have to learn to focus on yourself instead of others and to let go instead of holding onto things.

But I know this is easier said than done. Therefore, let's pick it apart and have a closer look at it.

People make judgement, people criticise, and they sometimes voice their opinions too freely and not always positive.

That’s the way things are, and we all do it if we admit to it or not.

What makes us judgemental and critical?

Well, what we say and how we behave externally is always a reflection on how we feel internally. That means that if someone is not so nice to others, they’re generally not so nice to themselves either.

I know from myself that when I am down and unhappy with myself, I am more critical of others. If I don’t do what is right for me, I become judgmental towards others and what they are doing.

That’s human nature if we like it or not.

What that means in regard to worrying about what others say or think about us, is that we should respond to other people with compassion rather than criticism.

If someone criticises you, acknowledge their struggles and have compassion.

If someone seems judgemental, acknowledge that they judge themselves, not you. Don’t take it personal.

When what other people say bothers you, check within yourself how you feel. Are you unsure and critical towards yourself?

And are people in fact criticising you or do you just imagine that they are?

How often do we read into things?

  • Someone looks grumpy and we imagine that we have done the wrong thing.
  • People talk on the sideline, and we think they talk about us.
  • Someone voices their opinion, and we accept that they are right, and we are wrong.

So, how do we overcome this issue?

We have to start by going inward first.

Ask yourself and be honest:

  • How do you feel about your own riding?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • What are the things that you need to change so you are happy with yourself?

Bringing yourself into balance will develop your resilience and when you feel good about yourself and your riding you will not be effected by what others say.

Happy riding everyone!