World Events And The Chaos of The Mind

We are wading through the overwhelm of our current restricted conditions due to world events in 2020.
People are trying to distract themselves with other things - Anything! Just to take their mind off the current world crisis.

Truth is, no matter how hard we try to ignore it, it will not go away that way. We are left eventually having to face reality, and that may mean life may never be the same again.

I believe this is a good thing!
Please hear me out ..


Let us rewind the time back to 5 months ago.. From where we are now, looking back, life was pretty perfect.
Most people held secure jobs, had steady income streams, freedom to do as they choose and go anywhere they desire. The world was open to us all to travel and no one ever even considered that there were actual borders between our regional states.

People could meet in the streets, talk, hug and hang out as groups. We could meet friends, enjoy dinner together and go to the cinema.
Kids were free to do what they chose to. Head to the park, have sleepovers or meet at the local shopping centre.

Looking back now, Australia was a free country.. With some of the best opportunities to become or have and have all things imaginable in between.

And yet the majority of people were unhappy…

Mental health, domestic violence and suicides were on the rise. Most people were unhappy in their lives, unhappy in their job, unhappy in their relationship.
I have heard many people talk about 2019 being the toughest year yet and many couldn't wait to see the end of it.

Seems ironic now, don't you think? 2020 has up'd the ante ...

First bush fires, now this situation.

I actually do believe that 2020 will be our best year yet..
Our current conditions force us all to reset, reboot and restart. Change is inevitable and adaptation is crucial for any species in order to survive.. If we want to survive, we have to evolve and change.

Working as a mindset coach, I know people struggle, whenever they feel disconnected. Disconnect brings up fears within and our body goes into survival mode. Survival brings along conflict and judgement to the party.

A friend once told me that all that people want, is to be happy. So why is it that when happiness is right in front of us, we will still choose suffering and pain?
Happiness does not depend on your environment. Happiness is not a by-product of a good job, a successful career, money, a big house or an outwardly functioning relationship.

Happiness comes from within.

Most people I talk to have a dream, a desire that they want to explore. Something that gives their life a sense of meaning, but most are afraid to act because of fear of what they might lose in the process.

Fear of evolving, growing, adapting.

So now that most of us have lost so much, we gain the greatest opportunity.
Unfold yourself and re-connect to the inner voice that has been whispering in your ear all along.

What can you do and who can you be if you have nothing left to lose?

I know the steps that I will take and I urge you to take them with me.

If you need help to turn up the volume of your inner voice and to find the steps forward, I am here to help you and so are many others.
Reach out, you don't have to go through this time on your own..

I am still available for private phone coaching sessions. We offer 15 min free consultation so you can decide if phone coaching is for you..

There will be webinars and there are always my clips or quotes to pick you up and lift along the way. To help find a way forward, without anxiety or fear. To help find inner happiness and take back your courage once again.

I urge you all to be safe.. Follow the rules to keep not only yourself safe, but also to keep those most vulnerable safe. Look out for each other and help wherever you can.
A crisis brings out the best and the worst in people.
Let it bring out your best.

For more information on private phone coaching sessions, upcoming webinars and my books of support, please reach out.


Happy riding, 

Tanja xx

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Such a great reflection , Tanja. I completely agree with you. COVID-19 brought us the chance to stop, think, evaluate life as it was and as how we want it to be. In the face of challenge, I don’t see other option rather than evolve, reconnect with our ourselves, our values and dreams and then take steps to live accordingly with them. My journey with Scotty the horse and you is really helping me to change my life in ways that opens up possibilities, growth and happiness. Thank you both!

Vivi August 13, 2020

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