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What to look for when buying a Horse continued….

Rule No. 4:

When you arrange a time to see the horse make sure you get there early.

If the horse is already tacked up ½ hour before you were meant to get there I would want to know
why. Either it is hard to catch or it has been ridden before you got there. I prefer to see horses after a
short spell and at their worst rather then at there best.

Rule No. 5:

Always make sure you see someone else ride the horse first.

The one time I broke that golden rule the horse I tried bolted off on me and when I finally managed to stop it and got back to the owner she told me that he didn’t like dogs!!!! You would think she mentioned that before, especially since she had her little dog with her when I rode the horse.

Rule No. 6:

When you try the horse make sure you walk, trot and canter it before you consider buying it. If you don’t feel confident doing that at the owners place what makes you think you feel more confident when the horse is at your place.

It is also a good idea to ride the horse more then ones before you make a decision and include a ride where you take the horse to a different area, either go for a trail ride or someone else’s arena.

Rule No. 7:

Listen to your gut.

If you don’t feel confident enough to walk, trot and canter the horse get off!

Too many people think they have to get used to the horse.

If you are getting back into riding after a long break or you are not that experienced yet you don’t want to have to get used to a horse before you feel confident on him, instead you want the horse to give you confidence.

If you are buying a horse for your child, you want to have to drag the child off the horse because they have so much fun. If your child is timid and scared then the horse is not the right one.

Make a list with everything that is important to you like

• Temperament
• Size
• Age
• Experience
• Level of education
And then stick to it.

If you follow these simple rules you will find it easier to find your perfect horse that is not only fun but also most importantly safe.

Happy riding, Tanja

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