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Do you live on ‘some day island’ or do you live every day as if it is your last?

Too many people are putting things off, waiting for the right time when they have

• More time
• Enough money
• Reached retirement
• The kids left home………

If we are not careful we spend our entire life waiting for the right time to do what we want to do not realising the time is running out.
There is no time like the present.

Take a moment, 5 min right now without putting it off and think about what you have send to your ‘some day island’?

‘Some day island’ is where everything is going that you put off.

What have you told yourself previously that you will get around to doing ‘one day’?

Take a piece of paper and make a list.

If you knew you would only have a short time to live what would be your priority of things to do?

Come on write it down, it will be for your benefit.

Now that you start thinking about it, how much do you really want to do these things?

Lets say you want to go travelling the world. What has stopped you for travelling in the past? Was it a lack of money, lack of time or family commitments?

Most people blame a lack of………!

This blame often becomes the focus of our communication with others.

We’re reinforcing our ‘lack of’ by telling others about it and it generally dominates the conversation whenever that topic comes up.

For most people is might sound something like this:

• One day I will go travelling.
• I always wanted to travel but never had the money and time to do it.
• Maybe I’ll win the lottery some day and then I can go travelling.
• When I am retired I will go travelling and see all the places I always wanted to see.

How likely do you think the travel plans will come true in this scenario? I would say the chances of it ever happening are very slim because the person is reinforcing all the reason why he/she will not be able to go travelling.

Now a much better way to go about achieving your travel plans is to use positive affirmations.

So start by saying things like

• I will earn more money so I can go travelling.
• I am going to see all the places I always wanted to see by the time I am …..years old.
• I cant wait until I will start travelling.

These affirmations all have a positive outcome attached to them and with that automatically we start asking ourselves some valuable questions like:

• What can I do to earn more money.
• How much time have I got until I am …..years old.
• What do I need to do now to start planning my travels.

You have to remember that you get more of what you focus on that’s why it is so important to be positive in your thoughts and what you say to others.

With a positive focus you will start asking yourself what you need to do to make it happen and the moment you start asking these questions you will start to get answers.

The rest is just simple goal setting where you put all the things you need to do into a step-by-step process and fit them into your time frame. That’s it!

So instead of filling up your ‘some day island’ start planning how to live a life of your dreams and what you need to do to make it happen.

Happy riding everyone.

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