TANJA MITTON MEMBERSHIP- 'It's like having your own personal mindset coach'

$150 $180

Imagine what you could achieve if you would have your very own personal mindset coach to inspire and motivate you daily.

This is exactly what you get when you join the Tanja Mitton Membership.

Tanja is Australia's Number 1 Equestrian Success and Mindset Coach. The best riders in the world know that 80% of their success comes from getting their mind right.

  • Overcoming limitations takes consistent positive action 
  • Receive weekly, thought-provoking inspiration to keep you focused
  • Learning how to organise your mind so you can stay focused on your goals instead of sabotaging your achievements.

But that’s not all! Tanja is also Australia’s most renowned rider position coach. We spend most of our lessons focusing on training the horse, Tanja is here to spend all her focus on training the rider.

  • Dissecting the rider’s position so you fully understand how you can positively influence your horse
  • Learn how your horse can sabotage your position by tipping and repositioning you in the saddle
  • Explaining horse training lingo so you can understand the biomechanics behind it

What will you get for your membership:

  • 2 x Weekly emails containing inspirational mindset tips and rider position exercises to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Access to all of Tanja’s extensive mindset & rider position articles and video library
  • Weekly thought provoking messages to lead you down the rabbit hole and help you to explore the depth of your mind
  • Monthly live webinar on mindset or rider position related topics
  • Private Facebook group for exclusive access to Tanja
  • 5% of all physical products in our online store
  • 25% of Tanja’s online course ‘Be the rider you were born to be!’
  • Podcast recordings with well-known riders, judges, coaches and officials in the horse industry
  • Be the first to hear about Tanja’s upcoming clinics and courses.
  • BONUS content delivered to your inbox throughout the year!

And all this for less than a riding lesson!

Join us today!

'In my membership, I want to be there for you!                                                                    I know how hard it is when you are riding on your own and when you feel overwhelmed. I have been there. Many times I have picked up the phone and rung a friend to either cry my eyes out or to ask for advice. I know it is not always affordable when you have to pay for private sessions and this is why I have developed the Tanja Mitton Membership. 

So many riders are struggling with the same or similar issues. How do I know that? Because I have been coaching for over 20 years. This is a safe and supportive group and you have access to me personally whenever you need me.'

I am serious, I am ready to be here for you. The question is, Are you ready to let go of your past and embark on a new future?'

- Tanja Mitton, Equestrian Success Mindset and Rider Position Specialist and Coach.

*Discounted Membership prices will return to the RRP at your next membership renewal period.


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