[PAYMENT PLAN] 2-Day Horse Connection Clinic, Theodore, Queensland

"For the love of your horse"

Join us for 2 days, immersing yourself in a weekend jam-packed with rider position, mindset and biomechanics education.
A universal, holistic learning experience, where science and intuition blend.
Offering an incredible journey, to develop and transform your partnership.
Clinic Goals:
  • A clear understanding on how mind and body work together.
  • How your horse reacts to your emotions.
  • How to change your horse posture by changing your own posture.
  • See how easily you can improve your riding when you fully understand how much you actually influence your horse with your body and mind.
  • How to develop a positive mindset by identifying and eliminating negative patterns.
  • How to use your seat effectively to improve the ride-ability of your horse.
  • BREATHING How to control your breathing to relax your horse.
  • MINDSET - CHANGING BELIEFS Identifying your limiting beliefs.
  • Recognizing your own self sabotage.
  • Building strong empowering beliefs and new positive habits.
  • RIDER POSITION- IMPROVE YOUR RIDING The rider's posture is mirrored in the horse's posture. To improve the horse's softness and suppleness, the rider must be soft and supple.


Clinic Format:
Hosted over 2 days, our clinic gives both riders and non-riders the opportunity to delve deep into a weekend of learning.

Clinic Location:
THEODORE SHOWGROUNDS - 127 The Blvd, Theodore QLD 4719

Clinic Time:
Registration and arrival from 6.30am Saturday
Clinic starting at 7.30am Saturday through to approximately 4pm on Sunday. (More details of itinerary upon nomination.)

Riders are provided with two group riding position lessons per day (2 riders per group). Plus one intensive mindset theory group sessions per day.

Together with our riders, our theory participants join forces for the intensive mindset group sessions.
Theory participants also immerse in an intensive visual education over the course of the weekend as supportive and involved spectators.
We recommend you take notes to keep up ~ it will be intense! 

Costing Rider Participant:
Costing Non-Rider Participant:
Additional Costs:
Additional fees to be paid direct to Leichhardt Branch ASHA which is $22/rider to cover ground hire.
Camping/yards/stables to be booked directly through Leichardt ASHA please call Liz on 0438507797 or email Liz: terry_liz@activ8.net.au or Judi: leichhardtash@gmail.com

DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE for more information.

Event Information:

  • Tea and coffee available.
  • Saturday night dinner NOT included.
  • There are additional fees to be paid direct to Leichhardt Branch ASHA which is $22/rider to cover ground hire.
  • Campers are to pay camping fees directly to grounds keeper on arrival.
  • The grounds have covered stalls and grassed yards, powered and unpowered sites.
  • There are café/service station/local pub just blocks down from the grounds.
Membership Length


$74.00 / RENEWAL


$42.00 / RENEWAL

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