Inspired To Ride Again - 2 Part Mini Series Audio Recordings

$7.95 $9.95

Introducing Tanja Mitton's latest audio recordings release of a 2 part Motivational Mini Series perfect for inspiration to ride and prepare you for the best riding outcomes.

These recordings may be listened to by themselves or one after the other, before a ride, during a ride or anytime you want a little pep talk from Australia's No. 1 mindset coach.

It's All in the Mindset - This recording is the ideal preparation to get in the right mindset before your ride. This is the rider's warmup helping you to get relaxed in your body and focused on your breathing, so that you are at your best before you get on your horse. [8m35s]

You've Got This! - This recording will guide you to overcome a lack of motivation and any niggling doubts that creep in when thinking of riding. Especially useful coming into the cooler months with shorter days and you need a little extra motivation to ride. This recording can provide the motivation to get back on your horse, whether it be from a short break or an extended one, it helps you remember all the good rides and the reasons you love riding. [7m35s]

This mini series are audio files that you will be sent a link for to play from your device or download. They are a fabulous inspiration for any level of riding from beginners to professionals. Join Australia's No. 1 mindset coach Tanja for that gentle encouragement for your ride. Enjoy!

This 2 part mini series 'Inspired To Ride Again' is yours on sale for just $7.95!

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