Equestrian Coaching Online - Video analysis to enhance your training


This is a unique opportunity to resolve your training issues.

Most coaches approach traditional training issues, by identifying the fault in the horse, then using exercises to correct the horse.

But what if the issue does not come from your horse?

What if the horse issues come from compensating for the rider?

Video analysis is a unique opportunity for all riders to gain in-depth feedback as to how the horse’s movement, posture and behaviour is directly linked to the rider's position.

What can you expect from the online course?

~ Rider attendees send in a 15min ridden video from either a lesson, a competition, a training ride or even a trail ride.

~ Tanja will personally watch and audit each individual video, talking you through step by step. Helping you understand how your position in the saddle affects your horse and what you can do to change your horse.

~ Tanja’s ability to break down and explain the most complicated biomechanical concepts into simple and easy to understand ‘bite-size chunks’ is second to none. You will come away with a personalised session, new tools and homework to carry on with.

~ You will learn why your horse is doing what it does, but also what you can do to help your horse develop, progress and evolve. Together.

~ All sessions are recorded, and your personal recording is yours to keep.

NOTE: If your video is a snippet from a lesson, your instructor is invited to attend your session at no extra cost.

Equestrian Coaching Online runs every Monday evening from 6pm-9pm (EST) Limited to 4 rider sessions ONLY each week.

Unlimited fence-sitting spaces available, so you never miss an opportunity to learn!

Rider Spaces: $120

Fence Sitting: $40

Bookings - Book your date and space below

NOTE: Videos need to be 15 – 20min long and to be sent in 3 days prior to your session.

Videos do not need to be perfect, just a visual reference for Tanja.

The video download time can be consuming! Be sure to follow the hints and tips on the booking confirmation.

Riders and fence-sitters are welcome to be present for the entire 3 hours.

Students who have attended 2 online riding sessions, gain open access to our private Equestrian Coaching Online Facebook Group.

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