Equestrian Coach Mindset Masterclasses Series 3 - 6 Insights into Connection & Confidence

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My belief as an equestrian mindset coach is

"Get your mind right and the rest will follow."

Series 3 in the Equestrian Coach Mindset Masterclasses helps develop the connection between rider and horse and in turn builds on the foundations for growing confidence in the rider. As a coach you will learn more about how to look for more ways help the horse and rider build their connection and learn to recognise when the connection is not there. Rider confidence also grows with the connection but may have deep rooted blocks from past experience. We look at ways of removing these blocks and limiting beliefs with simple, easy to use techniques.

'Coaching is hard enough without having to deal with the emotional issues that many riders carry with them. As a mindset coach I have been working closely with coaches for many years now and the benefits are clearly visible when coaches have the right tools to help their students to overcome the pesky voice in their head that sabotages their riding. 

This 6 week masterclass webinar program is designed for coaches of all levels and all disciplines with the emphasis on learning simple and easy to use techniques that can be used in riding lessons.' - Tanja Mitton


In this 6 week Masterclass webinar series we are working through the following topics:

Masterclass 3.1. Helping riders to connect to their horses

In this masterclass I will go through the detailed breathing exercises that will help you to teach your students how to connect with their horses. Breathing is so powerful and so underestimated.

Masterclass 3.2. Increasing confidence 

Confidence is a state of mind even though most riders think confidence grows with skill and experience. Learn how to identify where the rider’s confidence issues are coming from and how to overcome them.

Masterclass 3.3. Keeping rider’s safe without holding them back

In a time where everyone is in such a rush to get to the next level, we must teach our
students the importance of time. Keeping our students safe needs to be the main priority for every coach, the key is to keep riders safe and making sure they improve at the same time.

Masterclass 3.4. Overcoming traumatic memories

A lot of riders who have had a bad fall or an accident still suffer from the traumatic memory. You will learn from a coaches point how to help riders overcome these memories by disconnecting their past from the present moment.

Masterclass 3.5. Teaching feel

They say you can’t teach feel, but I say 'yes you can'. I will teach you very simple exercises that are guaranteed to improve your student’s ability to feel their horse and understand meaning of ‘feeling the horse.’

Masterclass 3.6. What is the right horse

In this masterclass I will give you tips on how to help your students to find their perfect
unicorn. Finding the right horse is all in your mind and I will teach you a step by step process that will make it much easier to identify the right horse.


Six Masterclass webinars over six weeks

Every Monday starting on the

23rd May - 27th June 2023

from 6.30 pm - 7.30pm (AEST)

All Webinars will be recorded and can be replayed during the duration of the series.

BONUS: Private Facebook group where coaches can have exclusive access to Tanja who will be available for personal questions and advice about individual problems for the duration of the masterclass series.


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