[PAYMENT PLAN] Equestrian Coach Mindset Masterclasses - 6 Key Strategies for Optimal Rider Support

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This ultimate masterclass webinar series gives equestrian coaches valuable tools to help you provide optimal support to your riders. In a series of six mindset masterclasses you will learn more about how to support your riders through difficult situations they experience throughout their life. 

'Coaching is hard enough without having to deal with the emotional issues that many riders carry with them. As a mindset coach I have been working closely with coaches for many years now and the benefits are clearly visible when coaches have the right tools to help their students to overcome the pesky voice in their head that sabotages their riding. 

This 6 week masterclass webinar program is designed for coaches of all levels and all disciplines with the emphasis on learning simple and easy to use techniques that can be used in riding lessons.' - Tanja Mitton

With today's uncertainties and external pressures your students will be looking for reassurance from you more than ever before. Upskill today and join internationally renowned mindset coach Tanja Mitton for this groundbreaking Mindset Masterclass series.

In this 6 week Masterclass webinar series we are working through the following topics:

Masterclass 1. How to best support a nervous rider

A lot of riders are nervous and are constantly putting themselves down. Even the best and most capable riders may be nervous for no apparent reasons. This masterclass shows coaches how to help nervous riders overcome their fears and bring them back to confidence. We will be learning tools on how to use breathing techniques to help riders to get out of their head and into their body.

Masterclass 2. How to help riders overcome competition anxiety

Competition anxiety can easily come from fear of judgement and failure. Helping riders to overcome their competition anxiety so that they can be more successful and confident at competitions is a vital part of competition training. There is a great technique, called an anchoring technique, that I will teach you and give you a recording that you will be able to use with your students. This technique helps riders to focus on their good rides instead of freaking out at competitions.

Masterclass 3. How to deal with a student who is a perfectionist

Have you ever had a student who is a perfectionist? What do you do when nothing is ever good enough? Supporting riders who feel that they have to be perfect all the time is very important. Learning important tools to help riders overcome their fear of failure is crucial. I will teach you several techniques that will help you to change your student’s perception and transition them from a perfectionist to a more positive and relaxed rider.

Masterclass 4. Having a different look at goal-setting

Goal setting is crucial to give your students focus and direction. A lot of riders sabotage themselves when they set goals and end up disappointed when they don't achieve them. Instead of following the usual SMART goal principles, I want to teach you a new, more fun and creative way of goal setting that will also develop your student’s positive beliefs. They have to believe it, before they can do it!

Masterclass 5. The coach’s language and how to find the right words to communicate

Do you sometimes feel that you are speaking English and your students Chinese? When it comes to language, what you say is not always what the other one hears and the communication can be lost. It is important to ‘understand’ language so you are guaranteed to get your point across.

Masterclass 6. Recognising limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

Lots of coaches and riders have limiting beliefs that hold them back from becoming who they want to be. It is not enough to recognise limiting beliefs in yourself and your students, the important thing is to overcome them. Horse training alone will not be enough. I will show you very effective techniques that are so easy that you can apply them daily yourself as well as sharing them with your students.


Six Masterclass webinars over six weeks

Every Tuesday starting on the

5th April - 10th May

from 7.30 pm - 8.30pm (AEST).

All Webinars will be recorded and can be replayed during the duration of the series.

BONUS: Private Facebook group where coaches can have exclusive access to Tanja who will be available for personal questions and advice about individual problems for the duration of the masterclass series.


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