[Early Bird Offer] 1-Day Happy Horse Workshop

$175 $195

The Happy Horse 1 Day Workshop is a unique event as it is a non-riding workshop.

This gives the riders the opportunity to watch, learn and take their time as they take things in. 

The fact is, there IS a lot we need to think about:

  • The biomechanics of how our horses move under saddle
  • The reality of how our riding position affects our horse movements
  • Our mind and how to keep these pesky negative thoughts in check


This riding clinic is a unique clinic because you won’t be riding!

  • You get to learn about the horse’s movements by analysing how horses move
  • You will learn about your position in the saddle by sitting on a saddle block
  • You will have a theory mindset session where you will learn the steps to go from negative to positive thinking?.


This Workshop is for riders of all ages, coaches and parents/partners who want to educate themselves for the wellbeing of their horses.

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