My girls loved horses from the time they could crawl.

Thinking it was going to be easy I began looking for ponies and talking to friends who's kids rode as well.

Thinking I was just going to find the perfect first pony...

After all I had been riding myself and I was very clear about what I wanted and what my kids needed.

Plus I had been training horses for many years myself...

Well, the fact of the matter was...

Dealing with my own kids and kids' ponies was a totally different kettle of fish!

Watching other kids having fun at pony club and then seeing my own kids struggle. The others made it look so easy, which made me doubt myself even more.


Sounds familiar?

There was so much to learn...

I decided that I had to go back to the start.

Encouraging kids and dealing with stubborn ponies was different than working with my own horses. 

However, I couldn't just go to ANYONE, it had to be someone who could relate to my problems!

There were so many people out there offering advice that in the end it became overwhelming and confusing.

I really needed to focus on what my kids needed.

My attention HAD to be on figuring out how I could become more knowledgeable and understanding.

I joined Pony Club and offered my assistance at various competitions.

I often felt out of my depth...

However, I was determined to be the best mum I could be and to help my kids have a safe and enjoyable horse riding experience.

I hate giving up!!!

Eventually I developed a better feel to deal with ponies and an understanding that my kids responded differently to me.


I navigated my way around club committees and encountered strong personalities.

I realised that a lot of my previous experience was still

relevant. That's when I knew that I was onto something :) 

I started to talk to other parents and realised that there were many like me, who had either lots or little previous horse experience but were willing to learn.

I told my story of how out of depth I had felt in the beginning...

Many parents I spoke to related to my experience...

So, I decided instead of just offering my services to the club I would offer my knowledge to other parents

And the more I shared my knowledge the more parents came to me asking for advice.

Then I realised that there were a lot more parents looking for support than I originally thought.

I had been the mindset coach of the Australian High Performance Dressage and Para Squad but nothing is more satisfying as seeing smiling kids and happy,  relaxed parents.

I started out as a young mother totally out of my depth and now being the one who other parents come and trust to ask for advice.

It is awesome to know that I can be of help to others as they navigate their way through the sometimes turbulent horse and pony scene.

Parents think they can't support their kids because they lack the knowledge and experience.

Fortunately, that is NOT true!!

'My membership is a valuable information platform where you can get all the advice you need plus you can ask personal, individual questions and we will give you the answers that you need to go forward.

There is no complicated horse lingo or expected base knowledge, instead we grow with you.

It is a safe, comfortable and encouraging place where you and your little riders can find all the answers you've been looking for.

We are there for you 100%. It's time tested, proven and it works for every rider and parent.' - Tanja Mitton