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February started with a bit of a treat by having a Two-Day- Confidence Clinic on the Sunshine Coast near home. We had a great little group of riders, most traveled from the Brisbane area up to Beerwah.

The riders were of various levels ranging from novice to advanced and from trail riding to schooling Grand Prix.

With an age range from teenager to mid fifties the theory sessions had lots of interesting discussions and words of wisdom. It is always interesting to see that at whatever age and stage in life we are we all have similar issues that we need to work through. I think it was great for the younger riders to learn from the older ones and help put things into perspective.

The riding was sessions were fantastic and we were able to see each and every horse improve as soon as we started working on the riders posture and way of thinking.

The breathing making a massive difference in one particular horse that would normally get quite spooky but instead became more and more settled and relaxed.

After two days everyone could take something home to work on that will help them to improve their riding.

Well done everyone 🙂


On Tuesday the 11th February I was invited to give a talk about Goal Setting to a year 5 class at Murgon.

We talked about goals and how our ideal life would look like. I spoke to everyone about how important ‘daydreaming’ is (I was lucky that they had very open minded teachers) and the kids loved it.

Each student then started to create their very own vision board and finished off with a sausage sizzle provided by Steve Dunn.

Thank you Kerry Dunn for inviting me to speak to your students, I loved it.


This time my Tasmanian trip started around Launceston where I caught up with some riders I hadn’t seen for some time and I was so impressed by how much everyone had improved. It was lovely to see each and every rider having expanded their comfort zone and enjoying their riding more and more.

I then went to Lebrina Equestrian Club for a Two –Day Confidence clinic and met a wonderful group of people.

Day One we spoke about how important it is to acknowledge yourself for your already achieved goals and that feeling proud is a good thing.

In the riding we worked on relaxation and moving with the horse instead of blocking the horses movement.

Day Two was all about becoming aware of what we are saying and being more conscious of focusing on the positives.

The riding showed some huge improvements with one rider trotting after being determined to only walk for the entire clinic. The smile said it all!!!!!!

Other riders shifting their mindset and feeling much more confident and even riding in areas they never rode in before.

Everyone was so happy and full of confidence at the end that the how atmosphere was buzzing.

Thank you for letting me come into your club and I can’t wait to see you all again next time 🙂


Where the wonderful India had organized two days of lessons with many new and old riders attending. Many riders attended multiple riding and theory sessions and to see happy relaxed horses and riders which big aha… moments at the end was great.

Some riders traveled as far as 3 and 4 hours, which made me, feel very honored.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended the lessons and India for organizing everything.

It was great to be back.

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