Tanja Mitton Exclusive Coaching Program to bring out the best in you.

Have you reached a point where you feel stuck in your riding and you don’t seem to get anywhere?



‘Seven Steps To The Mindset Of An Equestrian Champion’

A motivational & practical story which will capture you from page one,

Seven Steps to the mindset of an Equestrian Champion is for every Equestrian who wants to be inspired.

If you are a Pony Club rider, a beginner to the sport or an elite competitor there are mindset tools for everyone that will help you to reach the next level.



‘It Takes Two To Tango’

Horse riders are often looking for ways to develop, improve, and consolidate work with their animals. From pleasure riders to competitive riders, equestrians are always looking for improvement in their skill set. In ‘It Takes Two to Tango’, Tanja educates riders, trainers and coaches on the fundamental principles of the rider’s position and mindset. It also explores the foundational training of riders, with the aim of developing long-lasting, positive outcomes for riders and their horses



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“DVD Training Set”

A unique DVD set that gives you step by step exercises and strategies on how to improve your position and your mindset when riding your horse.

A Training Set is for all levels of riders and includes the following DVD’s:

Mindset series

  • DVD 1 Success Strategies
  • DVD 2 Anchoring Techniques
  • DVD 3 Crash Course in Confidence
  • DVD 4 Ready, Set…Compete!
  • DVD 5 Mindset to Confidence

Position series

  • DVD 1 The Importance of Breathing
  • DVD 2 The Independent Seat
  • DVD 3 The Rider’s Hand Position
  • DVD 4 The Rider’s Leg Position
  • DVD 5 Posture & Core Engagement



“The Riders Journal”

A powerful, inspiring tool to discover yourself  and helps you to become the rider you always wanted to be.

The Journal includes

  • 28 day belief change exercise
  • Letting go of the human drama
  • Developing powerful affirmations

Audio CD


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“Dreams Can Come True”

A live Equitana presentation where Tanja describes how to turn your dreams into reality



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“Position and Mindset Checklist”

These Posters are specifically designed to keep your focus on your goal.

They can be used as a daily reminder in your tack room, bedroom or horse float when going to competitions.

 ‘It Takes Two To Tango’ Poster

“Ideal Tack room Poster “This Poster is a perfect addition to your tack room as a reference to the three training scales and how they interlink with each other.

Riding Lessons

Riding lessons generally are focused on the horse not so here, I am focusing mainly on the rider.                                                                Are you interested in learning:

  • How your seat is impacting on your horses movement?
  • How your horse knows exactly what you are thinking?
  • How to get a lazy horse to move without having to kick?

Find out how changing the rider’s position changes the way the horse behaves.

One Day Intensive Theory


A one day intensive theory workshop is for everyone who wants to learn more about the psychology effecting our riding.                       In this one day intensive theory workshop you will:

  • Identify your limiting believes and what it is that is holding you back.
  • How to develop new powerful habits
  • Set realistic goals with steps and strategies that will allow you to achieve them.

A full day of Mindset training that will bring out the best in you .

Two Day Clinic Part 1 – Confidence


Ridden and Theory clinic with a focus on:


• Affirmations
• Recognising limiting beliefs


• Anchor technique
• Breathing techniques

Two Day Clinic Part 2 – Mind Mapping


Ridden and Theory clinic with a focus on:


• Creating a vision by understanding your Purpose
• Clear and easy to follow action steps


• Developing a balanced independent seat
• Putting together warm up strategies

Two Day Clinic Part 3 – Balance Your Life


Ridden and Theory clinic with a focus on:


• A holistic approach to balance your riding, life and health
• Getting the best out of meditation and relaxation


• Developing Hand, Seat and Leg connection
• Smarter competition preparation

One-on-One Coaching


These private One-on-One coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

I am here to help you

  • overcome your limiting beliefs
  • learn how to set goals that you can achieve
  • mindset support before and during competitions

The sessions can be in person or over the phone.



In this highly motivational and informative 2 hour seminar, you will discover the 7 Secrets to ‘peak mindset’ for riders.

This Seminar is for Coaches and Riders who wish to learn about:

  • Simple techniques to improve confidence
  • The power of affirmations and visualisation
  • How to switch from Panic to Relaxation

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