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A lot of superstition is associated with luck and being unlucky. Lucky socks and the lucky whip seems to be the thing to have whereas the black cat, a broken mirror, killing a china man in a past life must be avoided at all cost.

On the other hand you can be lucky by ‘being in the right place at the right time’ or being unlucky where your stars just didn’t line up.

We often use these fracas to make us feel better when something goes wrong or to explain our good fortune when we didn’t expect it.

However you might look at it, if you rely on luck to have things go your way you might find you are not getting very far.

The way I like to think of it is that we are more than capable of making our own luck. That way I am not waiting for someone else to do something or give me anything, instead I am actively taking steps towards whatever I want to achieve.

So lets have a look at what you can do to attract your own luck.

Firstly you have to know what it is you want.

Too many people live day in day out without ever taking time to think what they want and where they want to go. In order of achieve anything you need to be clear on what it is you want to achieve first.

Most people know very clearly what they don’t want but have no idea what it is they do want.

You might have heard of the law of attraction. This law suggests that you attract what you are focusing on. Now if you are not familiar with it let me explain.

According to quantum physics we know that everything around us is pure energy. We might look at an object, for example a horse float and only see a solid mass but instead it actually is made out of tiny particles held together by energy pushing away from each other. I know this sounds bizarre but just say with me on this one.

It’s not just that objects are made up of energy, your thoughts are also pure energy. The clearer your thought the clearer is the energy around it.

So now it becomes really interesting. When you know exactly what it is you want for example a horse float, you start focusing on exactly that horse float that you have in mind. The more detailed you can make it he better it is. For example the color, price, model, size, age, storage and so on. The energy that comes from your thought goes out and is being attracted by a like minded energy which is the float that you have though about and it is attracting this float towards you.

I know this all sounds a bit strange but just think for a moment, how often have you been looking for something and all of a sudden you’ve seen an add about it or you drove down the street to suddenly seen the exact object you’ve been thinking about and it had a ‘for sale’ sign on it.

Now I can hear some of you say right now:” I might see what I want advertised but it doesn’t mean I am going to be able to get it as it is generally far to expensive.” And that brings me strength to my second point.

The exact same process works in exact the same way when you are focusing on what it is that you don’t want or you think you can’t have.

Energy doesn’t differentiate between a positive and a negative thought. It just attracts whatever you focus on to you.

See if you keep thinking about all the things you can’t afford guess what you are going to get???

Exactly, lots of floats that you can’t afford.

I generally say to people “be careful what you wish for because you generally get exactly that.”

So the point I am making is that it’s got nothing to do with you being lucky, instead its good planning, staying focused and having faith in yourself.

Now most people struggle with exactly that, having faith in them self. People tell me all the time that they want something that they can’t afford and it doesn’t matter how much they like to get it it’s just not going to happen.

When you like to get something and you don’t think it will actually happen your main focus is on the negative, the fact that is will not happen.

When I decided to move to Queensland and I was really focused on it I managed to sell a 100acre farm in western Victoria within a week in a time when the market was down. In the last couple of month I have been focusing on having a truck and knew that it would take a little while to have the finances to buy one. I decided I wanted one earlier and out of the blue someone came and offered me a 12month lease on a beautiful horse truck, exactly what I was looking for and we are in the process of working out the details.

Good stuff happens, you just have to believe you deserve it.

So make luck part of your life and you will be surprised how the universe will provide for you.

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