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Here is a good New Years RESOLUTION

We all have habits, some good some not so good. For most people the thought of having to change habits is daunting and often frightening. With that there is often a belief of ‘I cant do that’ connected.

So I thought we might take a look at how to change habits by taking out the ‘scary’ aspect.

Firstly habits are just consistent action steps that give you a certain outcome.

Most people stick with the habits they have without consciously being aware of it.

Forming new habits is relatively easy; all you need to do is being consistent.

When changing old habits the easiest way to do this is add one new positive action step at the time.

For example:

• Decide how much time you will take and factor that time into your day.
• Make it the same time every day, i.e. get up at a certain time, change your lunch break to allow for this extra time or make the time at night before going to bed.
• Get someone to help you to be accountable

So lets take a closer look at these simple steps.
Deciding how much time you need
Most people find that they don’t have enough time and therefore hesitate in taking on new things because they feel overwhelmed.

Decide how much time you need and commit to it.

The fact is that we all have the same amount of time in our day.

24 hours
1,440 minutes
or 86,400 seconds

The question is what are you doing with that time?

Some people seem to pack a lot into a day and as a result get a lot done whereas others seem to spend a lot of time fluffing around and wasting time which as a result means they don’t get much done.

What do you do with your time?
Now you can answer this question truthfully to yourself.

Start by accessing your day.

What do you do that is time wasting?
Where can you be more productive?

You might have to get up earlier or stay up later.

Maybe you can cut down on the time you spend watching TV or playing on the computer.

Find time in your day that you know is available to you on a consistent basis.

You will have to be disciplined at first which means it wont be automatic. If you are used to watching TV at night and you decide instead to read up on things that are important to you, you will have to make yourself switch off the TV and sit down with a book.

The good news is that it will get easier every day and soon you will find yourself thinking about it during the day and instead you wont switch on the TV at all.

Getting up earlier is just the same. If you decide you need to do something in the morning make sure you set your alarm with plenty of time.

Plan the night before and maybe go to bed earlier so it will be easier to get up.

Soon you will find it easier and easier.

It is important to have a good reason why you want to change habits. Remember you are doing it for yourself not for someone else.

Finally get someone to help you. A friend, your partner or your kids.

If you know you are accountable to someone else it will help you to stick to your plan and others are often very happy to help.

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