Horses, a special kind of journey

If you are new to the horse/pony world let me say, welcome and good on you for taking such a brave step.

If you have been here for a long time, congratulations. I bet like all of us you have had your fair shares of ups and downs.

And if you are returning, welcome back. It's nice to see you again.

There is so much to learn and so much to enjoy.

Be warned, we horse people are a bit crazy and yes, you too will never be the same again. You can look forward to early mornings, muddy paddocks,  dirty ponies and your car..... well the times of clean cars is also over, I am afraid to tell you : ) 

However there are a lot of other things to look forward to! 

Scruffy, dirty horses, exhausting weekends and the best laughs. People you meet from all walks of life, the kinds you would otherwise never mix with. Slobber kisses that only horses can give you and bits of hay that you will find in places you can't even imagine. 

 I heart horses

But on a serious note now, Welcome.

Wherever you are at right now, there is a lot to learn and we want to be here to make this journey more enjoyable by sharing valuable information with you.

In this video we will start with a 'Crash Course In Confidence', the focus here is on how much horses pick up on the riders emotional state.

When we are under stress, our emotions can be very up and down. Understanding just how much this transfers to our horses will give you great tools to become aware of your own start and to learn how to self regulate; a very important skill not just for your riding but for life in general.